Feh Channel (February 1st, 2019) Overview

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Event Overview

Daily Summoning Events - BHB Banners

Find and Vote Heroes

  • You can vote one per day
  • Find the Askr trio in first 3 min to double points
  • Website Minigame.
  • Pick a color and look for your favorite hero of that color. The most voted of each color are the winners.
  • Special Wallpapers

2nd Anniversary Summoning Event

  • Starts 2/24 reset, Ends 3/3 reset
  • Free 5*. Options are the number one hero of each type from Find & Vote mini game.
  • After first summon, the top 4 heroes from Find & Vote will become normal focus units.


There are 4 flowers, each representing a different movement type that increase all of a hero's stats by 1.  They can only increase stats 5 times (infantry heroes released before today can be improved 10 times).  The table below shows increases of costs per upgrade.

Amount Required Bonus
40 +1
120 +2
240 +3
400 +4
600 +5
Heroic Ordeals - Mode to acquire Dragonflowers
  • Complete to obtain Dragonflowers.
  • Unique maps for each hero.
  • Must have the hero to take on the challenge 
  • Defeat at least two enemies to get rewards
  • Rewards given once per map

Aether Raids Updates

Other Aether Raid Changes

  • Tier increased to 27
  • For AR tier 22+, AR tier will reset to 21 at end of season.
  • Another way to earn Dragon Flowers

Merge Allies Update

  • Flaw is removed after the first merge
  • Neutral heroes get an extra +1 in their three highest stats