FEH Book 3 Reveal

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Feh Channel

Revealed Content

On December 12, 2018, Nintendo released a Feh Channel video revealing details on Book 3. Details include the following:

Spooky New Location

The "Realm of the Dead"


    New Heroes

    New Seasons

    • Light, Dark, Astra, Anima
    • Different cycle than the other seasons, effect Aether Raids

    Mythic Heroes

    • First Mythic Hero: Eir

    New Hero Fest

    • Lewyn, Owain, Eir, and Ophelia

    First Summon Ticket

    • Tickets will be awarded for a free "start" to a summoning session.
    • Rewarded from Forging Bonds

    Forging Bonds

    • Tibarn: Lord of the Air revealed, to be added at a later date
    • Nailah also seen in preview

    Free 5* Hero: Eir


    Free after completing Book 3 Chapter 1