Episode 6 (May. 2022) - Godswords & Dogswords

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Article by ZeShado


Welcome to the Heroes of the Hour podcast. Each month, we'll be discussing the month of FEH, generally beginning with the last Legendary/Mythic hero to everything right before the following Legendary/Mythic hero. Moreover, each episode will contain additional content not necessarily related to new updates in FEH, whether that's making Tier Lists, doing challenges, etc.

This month was rather average in terms of overall content, but we did get a Golden Week event in addition to everything else we usually get. That being said, there's still plenty that can be discussed, whether that's the new batch of refines, the new Young and Genealogy units, or even Mythic Medeus. I hope that you enjoy this series. If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know in the comments. Thank you for watching!

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