Creating a 4 Star Merged Unit


Due to the high cost of making a 5-star unit and the relative scarcity of feathers, unless you wait a long time or simply spend a lot of money, it's unrealistic for a normal player to create a fully merged 5-star character.

However, there is another way to create relatively competitive arena teams without making a 5-star character. In this article, we will discuss if it's worth creating a fully merged 4-star character rather than a 5-star one.


  • A +5 4-star is about equivalent to a 5-star in strength.
  • A +10 4-star is about equivalent to a +5 5-star in strength.
  • Lower feather cost.
  • Easier for stat hunting.
  • Rated highly in Arena scoring after fully merging, higher than a vanilla +0 5-star.


  • Once a character is +10, it cannot get stronger, as upgrading that character will lose your entire merge bonuses.
  • A 5-star will be stronger if there is enough merges (+6 or higher).
  • Most of the strongest characters are 5-star exclusives.
  • Lack of access to legendary weapons unless you merge a 5-star version of the same character (for example, Chrom and Eliwood).

Selecting and Preparing Characters

There are certain units which will be more suitable.

  • Characters acquired at no cost are great. This includes event/quest rewards given in the past.
  • Characters on daily rotations can make getting copies of the unit much easier.
  • Characters which are easily available at 3-stars and 4-stars. You want as many duplicates as possible to make such a unit.

You will want a character that is as easy to obtain as possible, so that you can utilize the copies extra merge bonuses. Hence, it is highly suggested that one should not use a character that is only available at 4-5 star for this project due to its relative rarity compared to 3-4 star available units.

As you are getting more duplicates, it becomes much easier to get a particular stat line that is desirable for your character. So after getting sufficient copies of the character, favourite the character that is your choice of stats, you may use our IV Calculator to check for their IVs. If on the worst case scenario, you do not have a good copy of the character, you can always use a neutral version that is given to you in either a quest or rotation map.

Recommended Characters

The list below shows some of the exceptional characters that can be considered for merging due to their relatively common availability. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, as most units have the potential to be great. However, the ones on this list are in general worthy of consideration.

Out of all the 3-star archers, Virion has the best offensive stats, with decent SPD and great ATK. In a sense, his stats reminds me of a “discount Takumi”, which is not a bad thing by any means. Furthermore, he has an impressive physical bulk, which could be further improved by merging Virion at 4-stars.

Olivia is probably the premium support unit. She would arguably be one of the best investments for a player if you have a lot of spare Olivia lying around. Assuming that she is merged to the maximum, she will have an excellent rating in arena and could stand on her own as a combat unit. Adding to the fact that a dancer could be used in virtually any teams, Olivia would be one of the most value-for-feather investments you could do.

Other than being a Life and Death fodder, Hana is another unit that packs an extreme punch with sky-high ATK and SPD. Although she literally dies when you simply look at her funny, she is a monster during initiation. Both choices of weapon (Wo Dao+ and Brave Sword+) are excellent due to this, making her one of the best melee sweepers in the game. Doing a 4-star merge further improves her ATK and SPD, and increase her damage soak if she needs to tank 1 hit.

He might be a pot-head, but he has several good things going for him. Most notably is that he naturally has a Brave Lance, which means less grinding for skills. At the cost of SPD, he has a great amount of ATK and DEF. Whatever does survive won't be too painful for him. Hence, he actually can take quite a bit of physical punishment after he unleashed his initial bursts. Keep most of his original kit, give him Death Blow, and he would take-off.

Under Horse Emblem, Cecilia can swing and kill a large majority of the cast when GronnBlade+ is equipped. However, without the effects of Cavalry buff, she is not as deadly due to her rather mediocre SPD. If you have the cavalry units to work with, Cecilia might prove to be an endeavor worth pursuing.

Cherche’s main draw is that she has one of the highest ATK stat in game. By doing a 4-star merge, Cherche’s ATK becomes extremely deadly to many squishier red units. As Cherche do not need her 5-star weapon, it is actually rather cost efficient to 4-star merge her and inherit the weapon from another 5-star unit.

Nino is the opposite of Cherche, she needs her 5-star weapon to fully shine. However that does not meant that she is not deserving of the 4-star merge treatment if you have enough copies of her. One could consider using a 5-star Nino temporarily, and slowly stack 4-star Nino behind, and only merge the 5-star Nino in when the 4-star is at a higher merge level.

After you're done

If in the event that you wish to change the stat spread of your character, you can simply merge your completed unit into the new unit with your ideal stats. You will retain all the skills that you inherited from your original merged unit.

Last but not least, never upgrade your merged unit to 5-stars, as you will lose all your merge bonus, which is something that you would not want to happen. Have fun and hope that you find this guide useful!