Should You Summon? Vildred

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Today we’re covering Vildred, available for 2 weeks as part of a non-limited banner. There is NO featured artifact on this banner.

The normal banner mechanics apply:

  • No other 5* Heroes can be pulled on his banner

  • 121 pulls guarantees you a Vildred, regardless of the rates

  • Your actual chance to pull him before you reach the pity summon timer of 121 pulls is ABOUT 61.9% (this is no guarantee, just the odds of getting there in 120 summons or fewer)

That being said, let’s examine the pros and cons in this scenario.

PROS (reasons to pull):

  1. Vildred is an absolutely fantastic farmer/carry for all stages of content

  2. He is a very acceptable cleave hero for PvP

  3. He has the coveted SPD imprint

  4. He is quite versatile

  5. Husbando

That being said, there are also cons to pulling right now.

CONS (reasons NOT to pull):

  1. If you have reasonably strong carry heroes, you don’t need him

  2. There are better cleave heroes for PvP

  3. Being versatile doesn’t necessarily mean that his general build will do well everywhere

In addition, there are the following things to consider at this specific time -

  • Diene’s banner is very likely to get a re-run soon, as it was mentioned by the devs. She is a truly limited Hero, so if you don’t have the 121 for HER pity, it’s recommended that you save

  • Imprints are getting reworked Soon™ - his Speed imprint may no longer be as good afterwards

  • The upcoming pet system, which will allow truly automatic play, will allow you to burn energy automatically without paying attention to the game. This can be a positive or a negative for you, as you are likely to either A) Burn more energy and want to do it faster (he’s valuable for having very quick animations)  or B) Not care about it and simply leave the game on auto (making him less valuable)


If you need a strong farmer, are early in your game progression, and don’t feel the danger of missing out on Diene or another Halloween-type limited Hero (due to having more resources in the beginning), pull for Vildred. If you are a more established player, you likely have a decent hero pool and are more likely to benefit from waiting.

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