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Soul Weaver
Max CP15402
A tragic shaman who sees others' true natures
A shaman of Rekos and Luluca's friend. Born with the Vigilant Eye, she is able to perceive the true nature of other beings. She visited Straze to confess her feelings for him, but in a tragic twist of fate, she was killed at his hand.

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Hero Stats

Hero CP: 15402
HP 5474
ATK 621
SPD 98
DEF 798
Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit DMG Dual Atk Chance
15.00% 150.00% 5.00%
Effectiveness Effect Resist
0.00% 0.00%
Imprint Release

+Health %
SSS : +12.9% SS : +10.75% S : +8.6% A : +6.45% B : +4.3%
*Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill.

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Easy Roana


Since SmileGate has announced Hunt 12 and 13, no one is excited to farm a new set of gear for Roana. Especially since she can work with a very all around spread of stats to function as a strong unit. Since all players just received (Apr 2020) a lv75 HP set from Login, most players are opting to run a mixture of these + lv88 Arahakan weapon, Hell raid defense set, and immunity set.

Since Roana is very tanky through her base stats, this will make her very tanky and players only have to fish for some Spd and Resistance subs to bulk her up.



Shimadra Staff - is probably Roana's best in slot to fully take advantage of how much her passive procs are worth. On top of that it gives everyone a free 20% res, 80% to your team in total.

Stella Harpa / Wonerous Potion Vial - is a solid choice for players who are planning to use her as a solo healer, especially for PvP. Stella is better for PvE (in the front position) while Potion will be better for faster builds.


HP %
HP %
HP %
Def %
Eff Res %


Upgrade Priority

Early Mid Late
0 0 +6
0 +7 +7
+1 +1 +1

Table of Contents



Roana is a 5* Pisces Soul Weaver of the Earth element. She is a unique counter to any unit that draws a lot of power from counterattacks or extra attacks thanks to her S2, Vigiliant Eye, which heals her team and boosts CR based on how many allies is hit by a counter, extra, or dual attack. This makes her extremely good in certain fights while lackluster in others, cementing her as a good offense healer.


Hard Counter to Counterattack

Thanks to her passive and element, Roana has become a direct hard counter to teams based around Seaside Bellona, as Roana passive and completely nullify SSB passive’s damage, on top of pushing her team’s CR. This is a passive skill, which can be used infinitely and will mostly full heal players’ whole team when activated through an AoE.


Revive Buff

Roana is the first non moonlight hero to have a revive buff. Albeit it is the weakest form of revive as it must be used preemptively and can be dispelled, the buff adds another layer of safety net against hard hitting attacks.

Constant Shields

When Roana uses her S1, she will shield an ally the same way that Fallen Cecilia S1 does. For 20 souls, she will shield the whole team like Fallen Cecilia passive, with the disadvantage that she needs to take a turn for it to be applied.


Can’t Deal with Debuffs

As a healer, Roana focuses on healing and mitigating damage, which leaves her open to debuffs since she cannot provide immunity or cleanse. This means she will either need a cleanse artifact such as a Potion Vial or have an ally such as Lilias that can deal with them.

Can’t Revive Already Dead Allies

Since she can only grant a revive buff, this means her team will still have a window of vulnerability between the buff wearing off and the cooldown coming back. This means Roana also needs to be decently fast in order to sufficiently protect her team.

Low Base Speed

As mentioned above, Roana should ideally have a solid amount of speed. But due to her low base speed, it could be slightly harder to build.

Table of Contents


+1 Souls
Attacks the enemy with a noble power, granting a barrier to the ally with the lowest Health for 2 turns. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster's max Health.

Soul Burn Effect
-20 Souls

Grants a barrier to all allies for 2 turns after attacking.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Recovers Health of all allies when an ally is attacked by an extra attack, counterattack, or Dual Attack, and increases Combat Readiness of all allies by 5% each per attacked ally. Amount recovered is proportional to the caster's max Health and the number of attacked allies.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 3: Noble Rekos
5 Turns
+3 Souls
With the grace of Rekos, grants revive to all allies for 2 turns.

With the grace of Rekos, recovers the Health of all allies and grants revive for 2 turns. Amount recovered increases proportional to the casters max Health.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers


Health +3% Attack +20 / Health +60
Defense +3% Attack +20 / Health +60
Defense +6% Attack +30 / Health +80
Health +6% Attack +30 / Health +80
Defense +6% Attack +30 / Health +80
Noble Rekos
With the grace of Rekos, grants revive to all allies for 2 turns.
Ability Upgrade
With the grace of Rekos, recovers the Health of all allies and grants revive for 2 turns. Amount recovered increases proportional to the casters max Health.
Stat Increase
Attack +20 / Health +60

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Happy Memories
Comforting Cheer