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For a player to complete the Epic Seven endgame, progress to the highest ranks of PVP, or tackle higher level difficulty battles or challenges, it is important to possess 6★ Heroes.

Why 6★?

Six-starring Heroes requires a lot of time and resources, but the rewards are immense:

  • Promoting a Hero from 4★ to 5★ yields an approximate 10% stat gain.

  • Promoting a Hero from 5★ to 6★ however yields an approximate 25% stat gain, plus any stats applied by their sixth Awakening node.

  • Promotion increases Attack, Defense and Health

  • Fodder materials are completely farmable, so unlike MolaGoras or summoning, Promoting Heroes is not time-gated.

For Arena and GvG, six-starring key Heroes is almost mandatory to compete in higher ranks. With the stat bonus being so high, promoting PvE Heroes also helps with progression in Hunts and makes for more efficient fodder farming. 

Who to 6★?

Players are not restricted when selecting which Heroes to 6, this decision should be made carefully however due to the time is takes to complete the 6★ process. This guide advises the following order as the most efficient when selecting Heroes:

First: DPS Hero

Second: Support Hero

Third: Healer

Necessary Materials

To promote a 5★ Hero to a 6★ requires 5★ Heroes as materials.These materials are simple and easy to obtain. It is likely that completion of Adventure Mode in Ritania (1-10) will yield all or the majority of materials required for the player to 6★ their first Hero (assuming they save the required materials as they receive them).

There are many materials that can be used for the 6★ process, but Phantasma are purpose-made to be the most efficient materials. There are three different types of Phantasma: Tera-Phantasma, Giga-Phantasma, or Mega-Phantasma. Tera-Phantasma are received with 4★’s base, Giga-Phantasma are received with 3★’s base, and Mega-Phantasma are received with 2★’s base. 

Phantasma receive bonus experience in battle, which allows them to reach max level quickly and hastens the overall 6★ promotion process. Bonus experience is attributed according to Phantasma type: 

Tera-Phantasma: 10% experience bonus

Giga-Phantasma: 6% experience bonus

Mega-Phantasma: 3% experience bonus

The experience bonus they receive in battle is a contributing factor in why they are the most efficient material that can be used, in addition to the ease of acquiring them. Players could also use Monsters or duplicate Heroes (not needed for imprinting) as materials to complete the 6★ process. Monsters can be obtained as random drops from various maps in Adventure Mode and Battle Mode, or purchased from the Secret Shop in the lobby with gold. Monsters will not drop from PVP matches. 

Duplicate Heroes can be used in the 6★ process as materials, but this should be done cautiously to ensure the player does not use an important Hero unknowingly, or use a duplicate Hero still required to maximize their Imprint to SSS. Before using a Hero as material always check to ensure it is not the level-maxed version or a duplicate of a Hero who has not yet maximized their Imprint. Duplicate Heroes can be obtained through Covenant, Moonlight, or Mystic Summons. 

Note: Any Heroes, Monsters, or Phantasma the player uses as material to 6★ another Hero will be destroyed, and will never be playable again. 

Best Carry Heroes

  • S Tier: Vildred and Sez. Note that Vildred is slightly better due to shorter animations, but both have on-death effects that trigger AoE attacks.

  • A Tier: Vivian

  • B Tier: Aramintha, Bellona

How to Obtain Phantasma

There are many sources available from which to obtain Phantasma.


The sanctuary is the easiest way to obtain Phantasma on a regular basis. The player will gain access to the Forest of Souls in the Sanctuary early on in the Adventure Mode, which will allow the player to raise one type of Phantasma (Giga, or Mega) at a time. The type of Phantasma received is based on chance, with the highest probability being the receipt of a 2★ Mega-Phantasma. This facility can be upgraded by obtaining Breath of Orbis; upgrades will allow the player to raise up to three Phantasma at a time, and to decrease the amount of time it takes to raise a Phantasma. The player has the option of instantly receiving a Phantasma by spending Stigma. 

Guild Shop

To access the Guild Shop the player will need to belong to a Guild. Once per month, the player will have the ability to purchase a Tera-Phantasma for 900 Bravecrests.

Lobby Shop

Once per week the player will have the ability to purchase a Giga-Phantasma from the main Lobby Shop for 8 Silver Transmit Stones.


The player will have the opportunity to obtain various Phantasma types as they clear floors in Abyss: 

Floor 6: 2 Mega-Phantasma

Floor 16: Mega-Phantasma, Giga-Phantasma

Floor 31: Giga-Phantasma, Tera-Phantasma

Floor 71: 2 Tera-Phantasma

Adventurer's Path

This new addition to Epic Seven grants rewards to the player based on clearing content that gradually increases in difficulty. It grants various Phantasma as rewards for the following clears:

Path Task Reward
Aspiring Adventurer Enhance Artifact to +3
Reach 16/16 Aspiring Adventurer Tasks Cleared
Growing Adventurer Clear Stage 3-3 in Adventure Mode Mega-Phantasma
Adept Adventurer Promote a 3★ Hero to 4★ 2 Giga-Phantasma
Remarkable Adventurer Recruit 3 Heroes through connections
Clear Floor 15 of the Abyss
Promote a Tera-Phantasma to 5★
2 Giga-Phantasma
2 Tera-Phantasma

Phantasma are also granted as rewards at random intervals throughout the player’s progression in Adventure Mode.

How to Enhance and Promote Materials

The materials used by the player (Phantasma are the recommended option) can be enhanced in different ways. Materials must be enhanced because they will not be able to be promoted to higher star levels until they reach max level. 

To enhance the level of a material the player can enter into battles that grant experience (recall that Phantasma gain bonus experience in battle, allowing them to level more quickly), feed the material Penguins, or feed the material Monsters (called Fodder when used in this manner). 

Once the player has maximized the level of a material, they will need to promote the unit to the next ★ level and repeat the enhance process to max the level of that material once again. This process must be repeated until the unit has 5★’s. As a reminder, it will take 5 5★ materials to promote the player’s desired 5★ Hero to a 6★ Hero. 

How to Promote a Hero to 6★

How to Promote a Hero to 6★ Flowchart

Please see the steps below as a quick-view guide to 6★ a Hero: 

  1. Begin with a 2★ max level Mega-Phantasma.

  2. Promote the Mega-Phantasma to 3★’s (level 21) by adding two 2★ materials (Ex. Flint Imp and Scarlet Imp).

  3. Enhance the now level 21 Mega-Phantasma to level 30 (max).

  4. Promote the Mega-Phantasma from 3★’s to 4★’s (level 31) by adding three 3★ materials.

  5. Enhance level 31 Mega-Phantasma to level 40 (max).

  6. Promote Mega-Phantasma from 4★’s to 5★’s (level 41) by adding four 4★ materials.

  7. Repeat Step 1 through 6 four more times to create a total of five 5★ materials. 

  8. Promote the desired 5★ Hero to 6★’s by adding five 5★ materials. 

Levelling Phantasma can be completed even more quickly if the player’s team composition consists of max level Heroes (besides their Phantasma) because all the experience their max level Heroes would have accrued will be attributed to the Phantasma instead. 

This list demonstrates how the usage of Phantasma streamlines the 6★ promotion process. Using other materials that don’t receive the experience bonus from battle significantly increases the time required to complete the process. It also demonstrates how much time can be saved when a player acquires Tera-Phantasma (a natural 4★) or a Giga-Phantasma (a natural 3★). 

Gold Requirements

Promotion Step Gold Required
2★ to 3★ 10,000 Gold
3★ to 4★ 20,000 Gold
4★ to 5★ 40,000 Gold
5★ to 6★ 120,000 Gold

This chart demonstrates a player will require a total of 470,000 Gold to complete the 6★ process (based on starting with 2★ materials only).

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