06/12/2019 Patch Notes

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Episode 2 - Godkiller - is Here! (Sorta)

After a long wait, we get our first look at the new content of Cidonia, with the initial two maps being released at this time. The first two maps available are the Jerdun Borderlands, the initial map that is unlocked after clearing 10-10 in Ritania. Some minor low-level drops were added to the map, but the main sell is the new AP Exchange, which features two level 71 pieces of Attack set gear - Ancient Shandran Warrior’s Spear and Ancient Shandran Priest’s Ring (ATK% mainstat). The AP Exchange also contains the usual smaller catalysts. Finally, there is also a new Breath of Orbis available via the AP Exchange in Jerdun Borderlands.


R̶i̶c̶a̶r̶d̶o̶ Khawazu First New 4★ Hero

A new connection mission gives us the ability to familiarize ourselves with R̶i̶c̶a̶r̶d̶o̶  Khawazu. Khawazu is the first new 4★, with a fiery kit that features the unique ability to self-cleanse and self-buff when hit while debuffed. He brings more Burn synergy to the table, pairing well with existing Heroes like Aramintha and so on. After his Awakening, he is also a good applicator of Unhealable, as he can inflict 2 turns of Unhealable on a 3-turn cooldown. Make sure to snag this fiery new Hero today!

New 5★ ML Hero, Fallen Cecilia

In the new Mystic Summon rotation, we have brand new 5★ ML Hero, Fallen Cecilia. ML Cecilia possesses an incredibly defensive skillset. In addition to the teamwide application of Skill Nullifier on her S3, Spear of Resentment, her S2 passive, Strong Instinct, also provides a teamwide Barrier at the beginning of battle, along with an automatic barrier for the lowest-health Hero at the end of her own turn. In addition, she has a 100% Provoke chance on her S1, Mistake. Will she shift the PvP meta towards defensive teams? We expect her power to be disruptive, in any case.

Best of luck to anyone pulling for her!

Mystic Rotation

World Difficulty Changed to Unrecorded History

The erstwhile ‘World Difficulty’ will now be known as ‘Unrecorded History’ and treated as a Side Story that is always available. This change seems to have been put into place to separate the AP Exchanges of World/Normal difficulty, as this patch will remove all Epic Catalysts from normal difficulty’s AP Exchange. All of your existing progress will be moved to the new sidestory, and new missions have been added that will give you 1 of each Epic Catalyst as an achievement reward.

Changes to the Secret Shop

Changes to the Secret Shop

Also very exciting are changes to the Secret Shop, which can now be leveled from the previous max level of 10 to the new cap of 13. The Secret Shop has also gotten the new sets from Azimanak Hunt added - Rage, Immunity, and Unity sets, so look forward to being able to get those new pieces when refreshing. The chance of lower-quality gear appearing has also been reduced.

Tweaks to Auto-Reviving Heroes

Tweaks were made to the interactions of passive revive/immortality to change with the Revive buff interaction; Kayron and Sven will use up their passive Immortality first and keep the Revive buff, and Arbiter Vildred’s revive will only trigger after the Revive buff has been consumed. This is a small buff to the characters and any that follow who use a similar interaction.

Before this change, both Immortality and Revives would trigger simultaneously, wasting the other effect in the process.

Improvements to Urgent Mission Rewards

Last but not least, there were large buffs to the rewards available for completing Urgent Missions. The buffs are as follows:

  • Eliminate Penguin now has a higher chance to drop 3★ penguins,
  • Bounty Hunt gives more gold, and most exciting--
  • Goblin Treasure gates have a chance to drop lvl 51 - 81 Heroic and Epic (!!) Accessories, now named “Treasure Collectors’ Charm” and “Emergency Ring”.

Look forward to a new source of accessories!


  1. Episode 2 Maps

  2. New Heroes

  3. Small buffs to Secret Shop and Urgent Missions

  4. Major Balance Changes still incoming


With the vaunted arrival of Episode 2, we all expect great things next week while we complete the new content that was added this week. If you think we’ve missed something important, please let us know and we’ll look into it. Feel free to leave us any questions or comments!

Thanks again, and we’ll see you next week!

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